Date Night: Capitol Steps

Some couples are really good about going out on date nights, but JavaDad and I tend to spend our weekend nights home with the kids or going out individually for a “girls’ night” or “guys’ night” (okay, so there may actually be more girls’ nights because like I’ve said, JavaDad is a bit of a saint). So when we get to go out sans kids, it’s a really big deal just to be OUT, regardless of where we go.

But Sunday night we got to see a performance we’ve wanted to see since we first moved to the area — The Capitol Steps. This group of performers, often Beltway insiders, skewers politics from both sides of the aisle through songs, skits, and a spoonerisms monologue called Lirty Dies (“dirty lies”). They perform all around the country, but are based out of DC, of course, and we’ve just never managed to get to the city to see them, but they were in town to support a local high school’s theater booster club, so we went to that show.

Here’s a clip (not from the show we saw, but it’s one of the same skits) that I found on YouTube.–this does not indicate anything one way or the other about my political affiliation, it just happened to be one of the better quality clips I could find online:


I wish I could have found a clip of the Obamamia clip as well.

If you ever get a chance to see them perform, we both highly recommend it! After the heat of this past election, it was especially nice to be in a setting where both sides were equally lampooned as well as non-election topics (Proud to Be An American – God Bless My SUV or Riding on the Metro). It was 90 minutes of non-stop laughter for us. And the kids were asleep by the time we got home! ; ) We just may have to make date night a more regular event!

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