Why You Should Always Keep Bungee Cords In Your Car

Just in case you do something that accidentally rips your bumper 95% off the way off — but not completely — and you need a way to get your car — and bumper — home.

Usually I use bungee cords to help me bring home large items I find at consignment sales or whatnot, but hey, whatever works.

And yes, this *is* my Project 365 photo of the day.  This was not my best day.  I had a terrific photo of it before I hooked the bumper back together but apparently forgot to hit “save” on my phone and so I guess it deleted it.  Darned phone.  It was actually a quite terrific photo!


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  1. This is actually a good lesson for teen drivers and parents of teen drivers. Along with a new roadside safety kit, we should give our kids bungee cords for just such a problem.


  2. Duly noted, McGyver.