Boy Parts

In one of those moments that I share all too often with JavaBoy — sitting in adjacent stalls in a public restroom — he revealed to me that he recently realized that “girls sit down to pee and boys stand up to pee, but they both sit down to go poop.”  Okay, anatomy lesson over.

So, this was still fresh on my mind when he walked up to me this evening and said, “Mommy, what’s the name of the part of the body that is on the back of boys?”

“Uh?  You mean your bottom?”

“NO!  The part that is behind boys, but not girls?”

(Still thinking about the other day’s pee/poop conversation…)  “Well, honey, boys and girls both have bottoms.”

“NO!  That’s not what I mean, I mean what boys only have but girls don’t, behind them!!”

“Hmmm, darling, maybe you could POINT to the part you are talking about?”

JavaBoy then points to the back of his head.

“Well, there is no special name for the back of your head… wait a minute… do you mean like how Mommy has eyes in the back of her head???”

Serious nod from JavaBoy.

Ahhh.  Hmmm — quick decision time here — do I blow my cover or do I perpetuate the myth with another one?

“Boys have EARS on the back of their heads!”



“Well, how come I can’t feel them?”

“You don’t get them until you are a Daddy, and they are very tiny.  Maybe you should go look in Daddy’s hair and see if you find some!”

And off he went.

Whew.  Much better than having a discussion about what’s different about the FRONT of boys and girls.

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  1. julesgkp says:

    Clever, JavaMom, very clever!

  2. This motherhood stuff gets tougher by the day — no one said there would be pop quizzes!

  3. Whitney says:

    I learn something new everyday :) Very inquisitive little guy, that JavaBoy…

  4. Kimberlyn says:

    those days are long gone for me. Older siblings love nothing better than to disillusion their younger, more innocent brethren about all things mysterious. Of course, they also perpetuate their own mythology to suit their purposes!

    May JavaBoy believe in the omniscience of his parents for many, many years to come!

    Then again, it is a relief that they don’t expect me to control the weather (or the TV programming!) anymore!

  5. OK this is awesome but… such a lie. I have never met a father who had ears in the back of his head. I’ve often thought fathers had no ears AT ALL, deaf as they can some times be to their kids.

  6. Maybe they can’t hear b/c their ears are on the back of their heads and all that hair gets in the way??

  7. Dang — that coffee makes you quick on your feet! I mean, eyes. Ears. Whatever!