The horror, the horror

Okay, I jest.  I need a little levity these days.  But have you SEEN them?  It is just wrong, so wrong, I nearly had to shield my young children’s eyes when we saw them as we turned the corner.

Orange PEEPS.  What is this world coming to?

You know, there was a time when PEEPS were just yellow.  And the world was good.  And we were happy with our yellow PEEPS.  Apparently they were also pink and white — but I was a deprived child who didn’t know this at the time.

Then came purple, and I raised an eyebrow.  And then blue.  Really, this is all too much.  I love my PEEPS in their bright yellow sugar coats, with their beady little brown eyes. Looking so perky.  Nothing like opening that package, eating a few of them, all fresh and squishy, then letting the rest of them reach just the proper amount of staleness so they are crunchy on the outside, but still gooey on the inside.  Granted, once you start biting their little heads off, they all taste the same, but to me, the yellow ones are still the best.  And then maybe pink.

I just won’t even discuss the bunnies.

When they came out with PEEPS for Christmas, Halloween, and Valentines Day part of me thought, “Hooray, I can enjoy them other times of the year” and another part of me thought, “How dare they?!  They have defiled my favorite Easter candy!”  (Notice that I never said I refused to EAT them.)

But there’s just something wrong with orange.  I mean is orange really even a spring color?  Perhaps I’m overly suspicious of orange, living with a Florida Gator — those Gators try to sneak blue and orange into everything.  I get the pinks, blues and purples, but ORANGE?!?!  That’s just wrong, plain wrong. 

Now that chocolate mousse flavored PEEPS bunny… that’s another story.  Mr. Easter Bunny, you can feel free to bring me some of those — just for the sake of research, of course.

Sorry for the long absences — launching a web site for work — which should be launched  just before Easter, so SEND PEEPS!  Then I can blog with abandon in a sugar-fueled frenzy (unless of course,  you send the sugar-free ones — who knew?!  There are so many things I didn’ t know about PEEPS — until I went to their site.)  I have so much to blog about… so little time to blog.  But I’ll be back to regular blogging soon!!

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  1. i know that orange is a trendy color, but ORANGE peeps? That is just wrong.

  2. Actually, I don’t really like peeps that much but did you say CHOCOLATE MOUSSE FLAVORED PEEPS BUNNIES???!!! Okay, I would like to volunteer to help you research that.
    After reading your post, I realized that even though I don’t like peeps that much, I must’ve eaten enough of them because I totally know what you’re talking about when you mention how they get stale and crunchy on the outside.

  3. Kimberlyn says:

    love this!