Planning Your Fourth of July Outing

2008-07-03-playgroup-and-fireworks104I somehow neglected to plug in any information for the 4th of July into the Summer Fun Guide — sorry about that!  Basically I usually look at the Washington Post guide.

I will tell you this — we have been in NoVA for 7 years and have not had a bad experience with any show we’ve been to — the only disappointments have been torrential rains.

  • We have gone to the daytime event at Claude Moore Park several times and it is a lot of fun, even on days when it is outrageously hot. 
  • We have watched fireworks in Leesburg at Ida Lee Park at least twice and they put on a great show. 
  • We went to Vienna once, when JavaBoy was a wee baby and I would say that was my least favorite of all the shows, but it wasn’t bad.
  • We watched the fireworks downtown (DC) from the rooftop of a friend’s condo and they were terrific — but we had the convenience of not being amongst the crowds on the ground, so I can’t say what that experience is like.
  • The fireworks at Fairfax High School are fantastic — parking looked like a bit of an ordeal, we only lucked out that year b/c I had a handicapped hang tag due to my foot surgery a week earlier.  But it was a really great show and we will probably brave the parking/shuttle bus scenario in a year or so when we think JavaGirl is up to it.
  • Often local country clubs have their own fireworks shows and you can see them from outside the country clubs — and many of them do them on the third of July — check them out!

I would LOVE to have people comment about the shows they saw this year and their reviews so I could incorporate that into NEXT year’s summer fun guide!

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  1. For the past two years, we have gone down to Woodbridge for the minor league Potomac Nationals game, with a BBQ beforehand and a great fireworks display at the end of the game. This works best if your kids can sit through an entire ballgame 😉

    About the Fairfax HS show – you can also park at some of the nearby shopping centers (Home Depot, Lotte Plaza, etc) and watch the show from the parking lots. You won’t see all of the low stuff, but it’ll be easier than fighting the crowds at the school grounds.

  2. At the last minute, we remembered that the Chantilly National Golf and Country Club has fireworks on the THIRD of July. You can watch from the street (missing some of the lower fireworks), you can pay admission to watch from the pool (I think you miss some of the lower fireworks, but I’m not sure because we haven’t tried this option), or you can pay full admission to enjoy pony rides, bouncy house, face painting and more, as well as a buffet BBQ dinner, to watch the fireworks from the golf course. It’s a lovely event and the weather tends to be better on the third, so we’ve enjoyed it both from the street and from the full-blown affair.