Dinner Routines – Thankfuls

During a Tuesday morning women’s bible study group I attended a year ago, a wise mother of three shared with us that she has her children share what they are thankful for each day at the dinner table. About a week later, I had a particularly rough day with JavaBoy being whiny and ungrateful and I launched into him about all the things he SHOULD be thankful for rather than what he was complaining about. And thus, our “thankfuls” dinner routine was born.

After our blessing, JavaBoy immediately launches into his “thankfuls” and I have to say I’m impressed with what he has to say. They range from thanking me for driving him somewhere to thanking God for a beautiful day or even thanking his sister for playing so nicely with him. He’s included things friends have said or done, his teachers at school and Sunday school, objects found in nature, special moments with grandparents, and little things that are near to the heart of little boys.

Next comes JavaDad, with his carefully measured words, making sure that he acknowledges each of us every day. We usually were happy if we could just get JavaGirl to say “I’m thankful” and then I’d round out the discussion, summarizing all the terrific things we’d done that day and how grateful I was for each of them.

Recently, however, JavaGirl has decided to participate more fully in the routine. She’s comprehended the exercise and wants to let us know what she’s thankful for.

The first day she said, “I’m thankful for Mommy and Daddy. And WORMS!”

The second day she said, “I’m thankful for WORMS!”

The third day she said, “I’m thankful for WORMS! And Grams.”

The fourth day she said, “I’m thankful for Grams and Granddaddy and Gamoo. Oh, and WORMS!”

Last night she said, “I’m grateful for Daddy taking me on the bus and taking me to the circus and seeing CLOWNS! And Grams.” (This happened a year ago.)

At least she’s thankful!

Do you have a dinner routine with your kids?

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  1. We talk about what the most fun thing was we did that day.