2009-07-17-garden_0010When you go from being a serial plant killer to actually producing edible vegetables, it is quite an amazing transformation. The sense of accomplishment makes you feel giddy inside and yet it seems almost ridiculous to feel so proud for the simple act of putting seeds into soil and adding water and sunshine.

Yet there I was, proud as could be, when I found actual produce in my yard yesterday. A small harvest, yes, but signs of success. The JavaKids and JavaDad joined in the jubilation as we have all eagerly anticipated the fruits of our labor.

2009-07-17-garden_0004We gathered two cherry tomatoes, several green beans, and a large zucchini we nearly missed seeing. We have several tomatoes growing very well, just not ripened yet, and lots of vines (pumpkin, zucchini, cucumber, and watermelon) growing and sprawling with the promise of providing more to harvest. I’m not sure our peppers are going to do well, but we will see, and we never got the corn planted after all.

The garden isn’t well planned and isn’t pretty, but it’s working and we’ve learned a lot about what works in our yard and what we can do better next year. And I’ve finally learned that I am not the grim reaper of the plant kingdom after all.

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