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  1. Yes dit werkt! en ik kan het weten!Ben 3 jaar geleden op deze gezonde eet gewoonte 30 kg kwijt geraakt dus meid! ga er!vfro!!!oijne dagYolanda

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  5. I’ve always wondered how some people could tell someones sexual orientation just by looking at them. I understand that some people make it obvious, but others don’t. I’m curious, do you have any signs that you look for or notice that tell you certain things about a persons sexual orientation? If so, what are some of those things?

  6. That insight’s just what I’ve been looking for. Thanks!

  7. Ano schrieb: erdknuffel schrieb: Adedinus schrieb: ma ehrlich meint ihr patch 1.4.5 wird überhaupt noch erscheinen?Das wird er sicherlich.Weiss nicht so genau, nach meinem Inka-Kalender geht die Welt bald unter!

  8. Such an impressive answer! You’ve beaten us all with that!

  9. Oh..now I know the secret of nutribars softness.. My Mom-in-law has been making this without honey..though it tasted good, but at times it turns out to be hard and not consistently good everytime.. so now it’s my turn to make some improvements … but yeah, it tastes just delicious.. even my little one found it extremely yummy as lately she has developed a sweet tooth…but the above pics showing nutribars ..are way too tempting..and enticing me to make similar shapes (I have been making round balls so far) coming weekend

  10. Thanks for the article, just read it and it is so true! I also did end up writing a post in response to yours (thanks for your honesty on the matter, it really got me thinking).

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