Silicon Valley Moms Launches New Video Series

Silicon Valley Moms Group and Yahoo! are piloting a new web video series called A Byte Out of Life and I’m in the first episode (webisode) – Are You a Compulsive Blogger?

You can see the other ones at: There will be a new one each Monday. A second one about kids and technology is already up!

Do you consider yourself a compulsive blogger? Let me know why and where you blog in the comments section below. Or… tell me if you would watch a video series online.

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  1. Hey – Thanks for sharing! I feel hunted by some big mysterious shadow lurking around my home with the shotgun for the day “you didn’t find the time to blog!” I don’t think I’m addicted as much as I’m pressured!! LOL But one of these days I hope that I will have written so many blogs that the big ugly hunter shadow will have no reason to taunt or hunt me down … I love blogging, and am passionate about the subject matter at hand for me. Oy veh, I have a terribly hard time finding the time with my job!

  2. Sandy, if I could just find a way to survive with absolutely no sleep, I could find enough time to do everything. Alas, despite my best attempts, I find the human body does, indeed, require sleep.

    I wonder if they blog in heaven?

  3. Gah! your little spot was so well said, but I’m all shy about it spreading now. what was I thinking when I said I would do this? Oh well, it’s done. Thanks for the material!

  4. Kim — I think you guys did a GREAT job – so natural, now that I see how the show looks, I’ll know better what to submit next time! I’m just jealous I’m no longer in CA to be a part of the tapings!

  5. Congrats on your spot on the webisode. I don’t know if I’m a compulsive blogger. I would more likely say I’m a compulsive writer because I don’t feel quite right if I don’t write every day. But since I publish my writing on my blog, I guess it’s the same thing. If I’m a compulsive writer then I’m a compulsive blogger.