Spider Cupcakes

2009-10-29 spider cupcakes-editedIt’s been a while since I’ve posted a fun treat.  Here’s my “oh my goodness, I need to make 42 cupcakes” solution for some Halloween fun.  I did not invent these, in fact a friend described to me that she was making spider cupcakes and I did a quick search on Google and found tons of variations. 

Sadly, my digital camera decided to die a sad Error 18 death this week, so this grainy photo from my phone will have to do.  Note that these are not up to Martha Stewart’s standards as my children insist on helping (can you imagine?!) and I have long ago decided that family fun far outweighs aesthetics.  Oh, and my son was quick to point out that spiders have eight legs, but as many people mentioned in their instructions, eight legs get a big cumbersome on a cupcake.  My son said spiders also have multiple eyes, but I informed him we were sticking to just two.

What you’ll need:

  • cupcakes (we made Devil’s Food — I recommend some form of chocolate so you don’t have to do a perfect job of frosting them)
  • chocolate icing of some sort (we used a chocolate fudge icing)
  • something for legs — if you can find shoestring licorice, great, we couldn’t find that so we used pull apart cherry Twizzlers.
  • something for eyes — we used M&Ms

Make the cupcakes and allow to cool.  Recommendations online varied about doing legs before or after frosting, but we chose to do them before, poking them into the cupcakes themselves.  I recommend putting them as close to the edge as possible and poking them downward (instead of at an angle) and then trimming so that the bottom hits the same point as the bottom of the cupcake.  You can cut with kitchen scissors.

After that, smooth on icing with a knife or small icing spatula.  You can just roll it right over the tops of the legs and don’t worry about icing underneath the legs (see the beauty of having chocolate cupcakes with chocolate icing?)  It does NOT have to be perfect — kids will eat these in a nanosecond.  Plop on two eyes and you are done.  I personally prefer that the Ms of the M&Ms are hidden, JavaGirl insists that they are face-up.

Some people like to add candy corn fangs to the front.

Other suggestions for legs are: pretzel rods, fat black licorce (these would be fat legs that stick straight out), and pipe cleaners (non-edible, of course).

The whole family was able to get involved – JavaDad attached legs, I frosted, and the kids added the eyes.  JavaGirl was thrilled to take them to school today and JavaBoy can’t wait to take them to his class tomorrow. Seeing the pride in their eyes makes me glad I didn’t succumb to the temptation to just buy store-bought cupcakes.


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  1. Cute! We used spice cake, chocolate frosting, black licorice wheels unrolled and cut into pieces for legs. Mini marshmallows in different colors (pink, green, orange, yellow) for eyes.

  2. Jules — send me a pic and I’ll post it!

  3. domino-checkers says:

    I especially like the red eyes!!