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New You In the New Year With Dr. Oz

dr oz on my shoulder2_edited-2I haven’t really written down my New Year’s resolutions yet, but I have Dr. Oz  whispering a few in my ear — including make more time for sleep, cuddling, exercise and sex, watch my waistline rather than the number on the scale, and go through the pantry and read the first five ingredients on the contents.

Dr. Oz first gained national notice on the Oprah Winfrey show and now has his own show (check your local listings) and is also the author of several books.  On a conference call to journalists and bloggers promoting his January shows focused on getting healthy in 2010 , he answered questions from all of us about how to get off on the right foot in 2010.  He’s just as personable, or maybe even more so, on the phone as he is on TV and even though there were several people on the phone call, perhaps because this was a more personal interaction, I now feel like he’s sitting on my shoulder, reminding me of the ways I can improve my life in 2010.   

Take Control of Your Life

The word “control” comes out of Dr. Oz’s mouth pretty frequently.  When asked to recount his daily routine, he mentioned that he begins his day with a 7-minute yoga stretch routine and that “Seven minutes may not sound like a lot, but many of us won’t admit that our lives are so out of control that we can’t even find seven minutes to stretch in the morning.  So I make sure I do that.”  He later mentioned that it is important to be on time, because “if you are late, you are out of control” and he thinks being more than 5 minutes late is a sign of a problem.   Dr. Oz says he’ll share his routine on his show, but it includes eating his breakfast at work — he believes it is important to eat it within the first hour of awakening; eating a diet that is high in fiber and protein; and getting at least seven hours of sleep.

He also believes we must live with purpose.  “When the heart does not have a reason to keep beating, it doesn’t,” he says.   When is the last time your family doctor gave you advice like that?

Stress Management and Waist Size More Critical Than Pounds

“When I see someone with belly fat, I know they are stressed, I don’t have to ask, ” says Oz.  He says belly fat is the result of our forebears’ biological response to famine thousands of years ago — the primary source of stress thousands of years ago was famine, so the body’s response was to eat what was available and convert it to fat so it would be available as an energy store when food was not available.  Times have changed but our bodies haven’t and when someone is stressed or depressed, often this can lead to overeating and an accumulation of belly fat.  According to Oz, this belly fat is the worst kind of fat to have on the body (yes, ladies, worse than fat on the thighs or butt) because it poisons the liver and causes hypertension, diabetes and other ailments.  So he says those who are pear-shaped aren’t in as much health danger as those who are apple-shaped with fat right on the stomach.    This is why he says that your waist size may be a better indicator of your health than your weight.  Your waist should be half your height — for example for most women that would be between 32.5 and 37 inches.

Snuggle More

“There is a sexual famine in the US,” says Dr. Oz.  “People don’t have time for each other.”  He says it is important for poeple to have time with each other and to cuddle more so that they build up a sense of intimacy that will lead to other things.  “If you have sex twice a week versus once a week, you will live three years longer,” he says.  What can I say, those are doctor’s orders!

4 Tips For The Holidays

Yes, the holidays are over, but I think these were great tips and can apply throughout the year and anytime you are socializing:

  • Never have two alcoholic drinks in a row.  Have one alcoholic, then one non-alcoholic.  This keeps you hydrated and slows down your rate of alcohol consumption.
  • Always keep one hand free.  Either a plate of food OR a drink, but not both.  This keeps you social and interacting with others and it keeps you from overindulging.
  • Get seven hours of sleep.  This takes away from your craving for carbs, keeps you from overeating, keeps you rested.
  • Exercise.  You still need to exercise!

A New Me in 2010

There is no doubt, I’m that apple shape that Dr. Oz is concerned about.  I recently “came out” as a fat girl on my blog and I don’t like it.  I’m also going to hit the big 4-0 later this year.  And then I have these darling Purposes in my life, JavaGirl and JavaBoy, who are reason enough for me to get into better shape.  So I’ve already been listening to that Dr. Oz voice nagging me every day that if I can’t find even seven minutes for yoga stretches, then my life is out of control, and I’ve been using my new Wii Fit Plus to create interesting routines for myself of varying times depending on the day, I’ve found the kids are fairly patient with me doing that as long as they know they’ll get a turn after I am done.  Although I already read labels to avoid high fructose corn syrup and to incorporate whole grains as much as possible, I see a pantry review in our near future!  As for more snuggling — I’m sure JavaDad will be happy to comply with “doctor’s orders!”

I’m going to set the DVR to learn more about what Dr. Oz has to say about healthy living in 2010, I didn’t see the full schedule on his site, but I know it is his Ultimate Diet 1/4 and the 28-Day Detox 1/5.

Addendum: He’s now posted a link to his Ultimate Diet.

Are you working on health goals in 2010?  Share them here!


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  1. I have a Coke Zero habit! I think more snuggling is always good. Will you join my Dr Oz 90 Sex Challenge? You don’t have to share any personal details! It’ll be interesting to see how we do it with as busy parents.

  2. LOL! What a hysterical idea and yet totally perfect for your blog, Kim! Did I mention my in-laws and all my family members read my blog…

    I’m going to encourage all my friends to hop on over to your challenge, however, as you are right, busy parents sometimes need a little nudge!

  3. LOL! Well, your in-laws and family know you have sex. You have kids right?

  4. lol oh dr. oz! what a funny pic u put together! Here we go, 2010. I’ve decided my ny resolution is to get my toddler’s sleep schedule back on track!