Back on the scale again…

I have rejoined and dropped out of Weight Watchers so many times, I feel like I should wear dark glasses and a big floppy hat when I go back to rejoin.  My inability to see it through has nothing to do with their program and everything to do with the lack of balance in my life.  But like an old friend, Weight Watchers is always there for me.

I joined Weight Watchers the first time my senior year in college, while I was already on tv as reporter and anchor and had to watch every pound carefully.  I remember quite vividly buying a toaster oven so I could cook frozen grilled fish fillets in the sorority annex.  This, by the way, did not go over well with my sisters.  Fish smells are even worse than burned popcorn smells.

I’ve been a member in four states and across a span of weights I won’t even confess to you.  I have become thin on the plan, but have never managed to stick around long enough for the honor of making “lifetime” (I’ve moved, gotten too caught up in work, or whatever).  But bless the organization and the people, not once have I ever felt like they roll their eyes and say, “Oh it’s HER again…”

It’s been a week.  I’ve muddled through it.  It hasn’t been nearly as painful as usual.  And I’ve lost 2.9 pounds.  That’s with the big floppy hat and sunglasses on.

I just may win the pool at Loser Moms after all.  More importantly, maybe this year, I’ll finally make “lifetime.”

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  1. The prize at Loser Moms is a pool? Can I come over? Just kidding. Good for you for going back and congrats on the loss. Woo hoo!

  2. Sounds like a VICTORY to me! Congrats and hang in thee.

  3. Catfish Jeff says:

    Good for you and good luck. Maybe you can inspire me to do the same.

  4. blearyeyedmom says:

    You can do it – that’s great progress in a week, better than mine!

  5. Good for you for starting over! I am right there with you as a WW alumni of oh FOREVER. Since this second baby (who is now 1) I have lost my will. Good luck to you!

  6. Wow y’all, thank you for the encouragement. The toughest challenge has been being away at a conference in Savannah — both having to eat what is set before you (b/c while at a conference, you really have no options) and then for goodness sake, Savannah is a fattening foods town it’s where PAULA DEEN is (I avoided her restaurant, much as I love her!) I considered it a victory to gain a mere 2 ounces after that.

  7. I lost 35lbs on WW. I’ve gained 12 of those back. I keep telling myself I need to get on it again, but I’m scared. Scared to say goodbye to my sweetened coffee and my morning bagels and my evening cookies. Hope you make “lifetime”. Maybe I’ll be inspired!