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How will schools make up missed days?

You may have noticed I haven’t posted much! Although I’ve been indoors a lot, A LOT, with the snow and the JavaKids, it’s a bit hard to write much when they ARE NOT IN SCHOOL!

My friends and I have kept in touch via Facebook and it’s been interesting to see how the different county school systems have handled the snow days. WTOP has an interesting roundup on how our area will handle the make ups:  It intrigued me that one county in Maryland is asking to be excused from the 180-day rule — what are your thoughts on that?

And the Standards of Learning tests are right around the corner — yet kids have missed a significant amount of learning time.  Do you think this will impact the scores?

I’m curious how summer programs will be impacted by the counties handling the snow impact in different ways — my son will get out of school much later than his friend in Loudoun.

I’ll add this to the long list of things I never thought about before I became a parent!

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