Is The Cat In The Hat Visiting You Tonight?

What’s that you say?  The Cat In The Hat hasn’t visited you today?  How sad, how terribly, terribly sad for you!  Come to our house, and join in the wackiness too!

Okay, Dr. Seuss I am not — but JavaMom’s silly mom, I am!  I am.  Here and there, and everywhere. (Oops, sorry, read Green Eggs and Ham a few too many times today!)

In case you have been under a rock — or don’t have very small children — Dr. Seuss’s birthday is March 2, and for the past few years my son’s preschool and now his kindergarten has used this as a time to celebrate all things Seuss.  His preschool (now JavaGirl’s preschool) used to also have Wacky Wednesday the first Wednesday of Seuss week — the kids would show up dressed crazy (two different shoes, mismatched clothes) and were quite delighted to find that the for some reason their classroom was topsy turvy as well.

Somehow this morphed into wacky things happening in our house as well on these Wednesdays and when a very young JavaBoy asked who was responsible for such shenanigans, we shrugged our shoulders and asked him, and he said, “I think the Cat In The Hat did it!”  And thus, a new tradition was born!  Sometime late Tuesday night, while we are all asleep, the Cat sneaks into our house and makes things wacky!

The Cat In The Hat seems to like to do a lot of things with shoes — he’s put them up on walls, on ceiling fans, and on the legs of chairs and tables.  But he’s done other things like put dolls and stuffed animals in all the chairs and seats in the house, turned things upside down, and made some subtle changes to see if JavaBoy will catch on.  (JavaGirl is just now old enough to start enjoying Wacky Wednesday.)

Since JavaGirl’s preschool is not have a Seuss week this year, I had almost forgotten about our annual visit from The Cat until I heard JavaBoy mention it to his kindergarten teacher. Apparently this visit holds a lot of meaning to him as he not only mentioned it yesterday, but many times today. Fortunately I was able to confirm with The Cat that he does have us on his schedule for this evening.

I wonder what he’ll do tonight…

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