What Do You Do When He’s Sassy…

… but he spells everything correctly and even uses a hyphen appropriately? And it makes you laugh every time you see it?

I’m still not clear on the details, but apparently JavaBoy (almost 6) was a bit overly tired and wanted popcorn while JavaDad was also overly tired and getting ready to make dinner. JavaBoy asked for popcorn, JavaDad said no because he was about to make dinner, and I guess in a fit of frustration, JavaBoy whipped up this sign that says, “Go and get pop-corn! Got popcorn?” (Hyphenated pop-corn because he ran out of room –I’m quite impressed!) He then found masking tape in his secret stash of masking tape and put this on our bedroom door.

While the sign is inappropriately sassy, I am quite proud of his spelling and use of punctuation. Would it be wrong to send it in to school as a writing sample for his teacher?

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  1. julesgkp says:

    I love it! Excellent writing, spelling, masking tape and also selection of a method to get his needs met. This is great!

  2. This reminds me of the scene from Where the Wild Things Are when Max stands on the kitchen table and yells, “Woman! Feed me!” LOL!!!