Silly Bandz — Giving In To A Fad

Before I knew what happened, Silly Bandz, those shaped, silicone “rubber band” bracelets that are the hot new fad item, swept into my life.  My kids are not usually into fads — in fact we were probably one of the few families not looking for ZhuZhu Pets this Christmas — and they are quite young (4 and 6) so I was blissfully unaware of these items until a few weeks ago when I was the helping mom at my daughter’s preschool and noticed several kids wearing them.  One of the boys in the class had apparently given them out to some of the other kids and my daughter showed some interest in them.  When I saw a package of animal-shaped ones at a local bookstore for $4.50, I bought them and both kids gleefully split them up — JavaBoy informed me they were very popular in Kindergarten.  So imagine my surprise when their college-aged babysitter showed up wearing an armful of them as well!  Wouldn’t I have loved to have been the marketing genius who could come up with a fad that appealed to ages preschool – college!

I picked up JavaBoy from school early today to take him to a doctor’s appointment and noticed older kids at the school with LOTS of Silly Bandz on — 20 or more per wrist.  Both genders.  Apparently trading them is all the rage as they come in lots of different shapes and when I checked out their web site, some styles have already been retired.

But the real kicker came for me when JavaBoy had to get a shot at today’s visit and in order to quell the tears that started to well up in his eyes, the nurse promised him…not a lollipop… but his choice of a Silly Bandz.  Wow.  (It did the trick, by the way, JavaBoy was thrilled — apparently one of his bands had broken.)

JavaGirl is quite proud of her Silly Bandz…because they are “like my brother’s.”  I see where this is headed.

As for those ZhuZhu Pets?  Yeah, JavaGirl got one for her birthday and JavaBoy got one as well because Toys R Us was having a BOGO sale.  And they love them.   They never even asked for them before, but apparently after so many Show And Tells at school, they decided they’d really like them, so when they saw them, they did ask.  We got the hamster ball too — as most of our house is carpeted, but that’s where our ZhuZhu investment will end.  Seriously.

So much for avoiding fads.

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