DC Metro Moms: A Promise Is a Promise

May 22 MomSharzThis post originally appeared on the now-defunct DC Metro Moms Blog, part of the Silicon Valley Moms blog group July 5, 2010.  It has been moved to this site with their permission and put into my archives by its original posting date. 

The “blogosphere” is a strange world to enter.  There are no real guidebooks or maps.  Your starting point may be your first, “hello, is anyone out there?” post, but you have no real idea what the final destination is or what the milestones along the way are (oh, sure, you may THINK you know what they are, but you don’t REALLY know what they are).  And while there are certainly a lot of statistics (How many readers?  How many uniques?  How many subscribers? How many return visitors?  How many Twitter followers? Blah, blah, blah.), there isn’t really a great way to measure your journey through the blogosphere.

So I consider it pure coincidence and happenstance that I ran into a bunch of great bloggers at the beginning of my blogging journey, actually pre-Caffeine And A Prayer and learned about the Silicon Valley Moms Blog Group and the DC Metro Moms Blog.  Back then I only had a private, for-the-family-only blog, but I knew I was going to launch a public blog soon.  And I decided when I did, I wanted to be able to be a writer for DC Metro Moms.

Of my checklist of things to accomplish with my fledgling blog, receiving SV Moms Blog founder Jill Asher’s call was one of my most thrilling.

What I didn’t realize was that this goal meant far more than exposure and driving more traffic to my own blog.  It meant meeting a fantastic group of women.  Truly fantastic — not just because they have great blogs — but because they have an incredible sense of community and are funny and supportive and are somehow both an incredibly eclectic yet harmonious group of women.  Put these women in a room and there will be fun.  Put these women in room with food and wine and there will be a party.  Put these women in a room with food, wine, and a problem to solve and there will not only be a solution, but a lot of laughter along the way.  I have had the pleasure of attending multiple events with the DC Metro Moms and not once have I come home wishing I hadn’t gone.  In fact, I’ve come home every time craving another gathering soon.

In a little over a year, these women have taught me so much about blogging, about writing, about networking, about friendship, about women.

Therefore, it was with a heavy heart that I took the news about the Silicon Valley Moms group dissolving. I’ve enjoyed the discipline writing here twice a month has enforced upon me.  I was fearful that our local camaraderie would disappear along with the collaboration on this site.

How could I have been so distrustful?

For it was DC Metro Moms who brought us together, but the bonds formed were real.  Soon, you will see these writers working together again, under different circumstances. 

So it seems only fitting to fulfill my promise to DC Metro Moms, to write a post every couple of weeks, to send my last post on the blog’s last day, to say thank you for the opportunities, for the events, but more importantly, for the friendships I have made with local bloggers.  The blogosphere may not have any official tourguides, but you provided an invaluable “hyper-local” (as our editors were fond of saying) way station for this blogger during her journey.

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