A lazy “yes” day

The JavaKids didn’t have school yesterday, but since JavaBoy had a bit of a cough, I curtailed any thoughts of taking a field trip, and instead gave us a lazy “yes” day.  I decided to go with the flow, and to say yes to most of their requests!

Yes, I will read every book you bring up to me.  Yes, I will immediately look up the answers to every one of the questions you have for me if I don’t already know the answer.  Yes, we will be silly!

It was a welcome relief from our often busy days.  At one point, I took a cue from JavaBoy’s school and we had DEAR time (drop everything and read!)  That meant EVERYONE had to read, including me.  JavaBoy is able to read on his own, and I asked JavaGirl to pick out some books she could look through, while I read a book about… reading aloud!  (The Read-Aloud Handbook)

At some point during this, JavaGirl asked me why the illustrated fly on the cover of her book (we’re talking a very, very tiny fly) had “squares on his eyes.”  I tried to explain to her how flies’ eyes work and then decided to look for images of “fly eyes” online.  From there we looked at all kinds of insect and animal eyes online and talked about why different animals need different kinds of eyes.

Once we tired of reading and exploring online, we got out wooden blocks.  I have many childhood memories of playing with my wooden blocks, but I find that today kids have so many toys, they don’t often play with the simplest ones.  We made towers and pyramids and discussed what makes one tower fall and the other not.  Being down on the floor with them, I realized it had been a while since I’d actually been down on the floor with them.  When they were younger, we were always rolling and playing on the floor, now we do a lot of things at a table.  I am resolving to spend more time on the floor in the New Year (or earlier!)

We took some time to do a little bit of math and JavaBoy delighted in using the entire family room floor to lay out tally sticks (popsicle sticks) to represent the numbers 1-10 and then matching them to cards I have with images of abacus beads for the numbers 1-10 as well as of fingers showing 1-10 and then finally cards with cardinal numbers. 

Prompted by JavaBoy’s Tiger Cub handbook, we spent some time looking at a local map and circling places we go to frequently.  We looked at the route I have to take to my Junior League meetings all those nights I tell them I have to go because “I have a meeting.”

As the kids got more engrossed in activities, I took advantage of an opportunity to stretch out on the sofa for a bit.  This immediately led to requests to snuggle in what JavaGirl calls my “triangle.”  Resting on my side, I put my back to the back of the sofa and bend my knees so my feet also touch the back of the sofa, making an empty “triangle” for her to sit in, resting her head on my hip.  More so than sitting on my lap, my kids love it when I make a “triangle” they can smoosh into and yesterday they decided to both get into the triangle at the same time — resulting in us looking like a pile of new puppies, limbs all over the place!

This was the position we were in when JavaDad came home and asked what we’d been up to all day.

“Oh, nothing much,” I replied.  “Just a lazy day.”
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  1. Kimberlyn Reetz says:

    Sounds like a great day.

  2. These kind of days are the ones that last a lifetime. Have warm memories of just walking down to the local canal and watching the fish swim around with my son.