The Make Me Laugh Edition

happy face mug with clown wig

A happy face mug with a clown wig -- how can you NOT laugh? Photo credit: Microsoft ClipArt Gallery

I saw my friend Susan yesterday (thank you, Andrea, for accompanying me!) I thank Susan and her family for giving me some precious time with her at a time when there are only a few minutes each hour when she is up to sharing time with others. Hugs + Prayers + Love,  ALWAYS. 

Amy from Teach Mama is creating one beautiful @WhyMommy LoveFest  video after another.  Go see them!  Facebook page, Video 1, Video 2, I think more are coming.  Additionally, there are many others struggling with cancer in my prayers, including  Tim L., David B. and those in your lives you  have shared with me privately. One day there will be a cure and the world will rejoice. 

In the meantime, I need a few laughs and who doesn’t, so I’ve decided to link a few things that make me laugh.

20 Things to Share With Your High School and Middle School Student — oh how true.  #18 in particular for me! Who says I don’t give you (or at least link you to) highly valuable content?

Even though this post from Sarah and the Goon Squad is from two years ago, it still makes me laugh when I think about it. Especially because I’ve had so many similar incidents. What is it with women and our refusal to grasp our true new size when we lose weight? I once nearly lost my skirt at a Junior League conference because the waistband was too big an it just slipped right down. Because I’m classy that way. Another Junior League president pointed out my skirt had slid down to my hips so I was showing everyone at breakfast my underwear. I was trying to pass it off as the new gangsta League fashion.

Sometimes when I need a pick-me-up, I wander aimlessly around Pinterest and stumble across a board like this one! (Psst… note the new bright red “Follow me on Pinterest” button to the right there. I’m finding yet another way to be unfocused and to waste time, come join me! Umm, I meant, “I found yet another extremely valuable social media tool that allows us all to be connected and be thought leaders – sign up or you’ll be left behind forever.”) This is a great opportunity for me to give a shout-out to Dumb Mom and her Pinterest Challenge, it’s more fun than housework, paying bills, or any of those other productive things we are supposed to be doing with our time…

The Big Bang Theory always makes me laugh, so discovering that people have put together compilations of their favorite moments is like a fast-food version of one of my favorite shows. I really like from about 2:40 on in this particular clip. Plus it makes me feel really good about the fact that I CAN touch my toes!  <snark>

I hope you laughed, I know I did. Plus it made me forget I started the day by stepping in cat vomit. Now feel free to share some of your favorite things that made you laugh in comments, I always love hearing from you!

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