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  1. saya jarang banget bisa diatas 10h0nari/ya. jadi iri nih saya hahaaterima kasih dan mohon maaf .-= alisnaik´s selesai [nulis] ..kronologi cerita smiley wordpress =-.Belajar pelan-pelan, Rooel…

  2. “ but it’s an entirely different animal when we’re the ones being drained of all our good energy. It can take someone else pointing it out to us for us to realize that it isn’t”our” problem unless we allow it to be.”So very true. Sometimes I actually envision being asked for advice about a situation I’m struggling with. How would I counsel someone else? The clarity that emerges is astounding.But the blogosphere safe and non-toxic? No way. My real life is far more loving and nurturing.Love your writing style, Renee.Also Renee, the bligosphere

  3. you know………….. i like this board – pretty full rail – bottom is clean with k\\just a few small “finger tip” size pressure dents and the deck is in pretty good shape – we can lower price for ya to 290.00 – let me know – the rocker is supposedly a medium tail rocker which usually holds its speed so might be a good board for intermediate – hard to say for certain cause it is a hi-performance board – hope that helps

  4. Harrison Barnes is only an NBA rookie… No need to conduct a critical analysis on his every bad play. NBA rookies – aren’t even in most starting lineups, let alone impacting games. The good news is that Harrison Barnes will likely get much better with more minutes/experience, hard work, and good coaching – the bust label – is being shed to pieces as we speak.And going against Atlanta’s DeShawn Stevenson – is no easy feat…

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