Nintendo Wii U GamePad and Wii Motion remotes

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  1. Jösses vilka härliga tips! De där dosutjlfen är jag lite extra svag för… inte alla som gillar det, men det gör jag :-) Japp, det fÃ¥r bli lite doftljus här i höst :-) Ha en bra kväll!

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  5. Amen, brother Jay. I have seen a few episodes of American Idol in the past when Steven Tyler was judging. He loves everybody! LOL. The man can’t be mean/blunt regardless of how bad some of the singers on that show were, and whether or not they were black, white, Asian, Hispanic, or “other.” I don’t deal with racists or bigots, and I particularly can’t stand a black female celebrity that tries to score points creating racial controversy where there is none. Leave that to FOX NEWS!

  6. lo que mas me jode es que llevo 8 llamadas y no me han atendido todabia,donde se puede reclamar estos abusos!Y seguro que leeran esto y se reiran de nosotros pero que, …………..!mejor me callo

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