Readers – Please Bear With Me, Fixing Hacks

Hello Readers,

Please bear with me. For the first time in almost 5 years, my blog has been hacked and if you viewed my recent Nintendo Wii Post in Google Reader, you saw a lot of spammy links that I did not put in there. This is the result of a recent spate of hacker attacks on WordPress blogs. I have been working around the clock digging through code to fix it, but it is difficult to tell if I’ve fixed it without some deleting and reposting to Google Reader as you cannot see the malicious code elsewhere.

Please bear with me and know that I take the integrity and security of this site very seriously not only because of the time and money I invest in it, but because I don’t want to expose you or your machines to anything risky or risque!

Thanks for your support as I work to undo the unkind work of these hackers.




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  1. Glad you got everything fixed JJ! I hate to hear of so many blogs being hacked and when it happens to a friend that makes it all the more real (and of course awful for you). I’m so glad to be a fellow Northern Virginia mom blogger with you! Keep up your bloggy awesomeness & hope to see you again soon at the next blogger meetup!