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This year I am trying something new with the Summer Fun Guide and going forward. Instead of the “by-date” section I’ve had in the past, I’m using Google Calendar. (I can hear the mixed reactions already — cheers from those who have already adopted Google Calendar, and panic from those who haven’t…)

This allows you to see the fun events in daily, weekly, and monthly format and to add or forward them to your own Google or many other electronic calendars with the click of a button. For those who still prefer to print things out, you can. Plus, it makes it far easier for me to add new events “on the fly” as I learn about them.

For my calendar policy, I’m borrowing heavily (with permission) from my friend Jessica at A Parent in Silver Spring and A Parent in America.  If you would like me to list something on this calendar, please contact me with all the details (don’t forget the 5 W’s – who, what, when, where and why and the good old H – how as in how do I get there or how do I buy tickets…) Want more PR? Consider an ad!

To qualify for a calendar listing, the event must be open to the public (either free or something they can buy tickets to, not a private event), and something that is hosted by an organization of business.

While I try to keep things updated and current, please know that it is up to you to verify all the details with the organization holding the event, including whether it has been cancelled, before packing up the kiddos and heading out.  Unfortunately organizations love to tell bloggers about events but rarely let us know when they change schedules or cancel them!