Summer Fun Guide 2010

Fun In the Summer

(or how to remain sane with children)

2010 Edition

Content may include language pulled directly from websites, brochures and other promotional materials for the sake of accuracy and clarity.  This guide is mostly a compilation with some additional narrative interjected.  Significant sources of information include the Fairfax County and Loudoun County government web sites and the Our Kids Newsletter ( 

This is the fourth year for the “Summer Fun Guide” and this is the second year it’s been on the blog.  Putting it online allows us to add content as new content is available or changes, so come back often.  This guide takes a lot of work to put together and many of you have emailed with wonderful praise, which I greatly appreciate!  Two ways you can reward the effort that goes into this is to add comments to the comments section and to refer this blog to your friends! 

This year I have broken it up into sections, like I did with the Fall Fun Guide, for easier navigation.  The content is still there, it just makes it more web-friendly.

Enjoy — from one mommy desperate to stave off summer boredom to another! 


The Summer Fun Guide contains the following sections, please note that I will add to them throughout the summer as I learn of new things, and I’d love you to add things in the comments section of each page as well:

 And even MORE Resources:

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