Summer Fun Guide 2011

Fun In the Summer

(or how to remain sane with children)

Summer Fun Guide 2011 - copyright 2011 J.J. Newby

copyright J.J. Newby

2011 Edition

Content may include language pulled directly from websites, brochures and other promotional materials for the sake of accuracy and clarity.  This guide is mostly a compilation with some additional narrative interjected, the information is only as accurate as what has been provided by the event-holding organizations — please verify times, dates and that the event is being held with the organization.  I’ve provided contact information for that reason.

This is the FIFTH year for the “Summer Fun Guide” and this is the third year it’s been on the blog.   I thoroughly enjoy your emails and comments, welcome additions to the guide, and I hope you tell event-organizers where you found out about this!  Please share the link to the Summer Fun Guide (SFG) and my blog widely!  I hope you take time to read the blog as well,  ; )

Enjoy — from one mommy desperate to stave off summer boredom to another! 

Have an event you are interested in having listed?  Email me at javamom (at) caffeineandaprayer (dot) com.  Even better — offer tickets for a giveaway on the blog and I’ll promote it on the blog, Facebook and Twitter!  Readers love giveaways!


The Summer Fun Guide contains the following sections, please note that I will add to them throughout the summer as I learn of new things, and I’d love you to add things in the comments section of each page as well:

 And even MORE Resources:

Other blogs  and sites worth checking out for events, activities and more:

  • A Parent In Silver Spring – Jessica McFadden is the queen of family fun not just in Silver Spring but throughout the Metro DC area
  • Our Kids – there is a public portion of the web site which is free and a private, subscription-based newsletter.