Stalking the Veggie Van…

2008-06-04_csa-first-box_0001The  JavaKids love vegetables.

I don’t know how I ended up so lucky… whether it was following my sister’s advice to feed them green beans as their first baby food after rice cereal, some sort of divine intervention, or winning some sort of genetic lottery… but many times, given the choice between some sort of junk food or raw veggies, my kids will pick the veggies.  I have to pre-wash all vegetables before storing them in the fridge because JavaGirl will break into sealed packages of mushrooms and start munching on them when I’m not looking.  JavaBoy can clear out a crudites platter at any party.

So when I first learned about community-supported agriculture (CSA) programs, it didn’t take long to convince me of the benefits.  We ended up going with a very popular local one, Great Country Farms, which delivers the produce right to your door, but also allows you to go to the farm to pick additional bonus items.

We split a share with another family, which means two crates get dropped off at one house each week.  Last year the deliveries went to their house, so we never saw the delivery vehicle.  But yesterday, I happened to be behind a green van on the highway with a sticker that said GCF and the license plate “VggieVan” (or something like that) and I suddenly realized, we had spotted an honest-to-goodness Great Country Farms delivery van.  “Hey kids, look, it’s a Great Country Farms van!  They must be making deliveries!”  It was the first week of CSA deliveries and the kids were excited to see a veggie van — I suspect that their little minds were trying to figure out a way to hijack the van and get all the veggies — without earning a time-out from Mommy.

So perhaps I should not have been too surprised when I woke up this morning to a little boy jumping excitedly next to my bed at an ungodly hour…

“Mommy!  Mommy!”

“What time is it?”

“Mommy! Mommy!”

<JavaDad, standing there, looking slightly guilty, with a Diet Coke for me in his hands, knowing that this is way too early an hour to wake me up.>

“Sorry honey, I tried to hide it.”

“Mommy!  Guess what!  The veggie van came!  Our farm vegetables are here!”

Oh my!  You would have thought Santa Claus had come the way he was carrying on.  About kale, asparagus, spring onions, and strawberries.

And so begins our second CSA summer — we will pick strawberries, blueberries, peaches, raspberries, blackberries, and beans.  We’ll dig up peanuts (THAT was an adventure last year!)  We’ll ride the hay ride.  We’ll talk about all the varieties of fruits and vegetables.

And we’ll stalk the veggie van — hoping to get a glimpse of it like some kids listen for the ice cream truck.  Ah, summer.

I’m always looking for recipes for the fruits and veggies that come from the CSA and I know lots of people in the area belong to the same one — please share your favorite recipes here!  If we get enough of them, I’ll start a separate page for them.  This week I have kale, asparagus and spring onions… and not from the CSA but from my own garden I have lots and lots of basil (purple basil) to use up!