Planning Your Fourth of July Outing

2008-07-03-playgroup-and-fireworks104I somehow neglected to plug in any information for the 4th of July into the Summer Fun Guide — sorry about that!  Basically I usually look at the Washington Post guide.

I will tell you this — we have been in NoVA for 7 years and have not had a bad experience with any show we’ve been to — the only disappointments have been torrential rains.

  • We have gone to the daytime event at Claude Moore Park several times and it is a lot of fun, even on days when it is outrageously hot. 
  • We have watched fireworks in Leesburg at Ida Lee Park at least twice and they put on a great show. 
  • We went to Vienna once, when JavaBoy was a wee baby and I would say that was my least favorite of all the shows, but it wasn’t bad.
  • We watched the fireworks downtown (DC) from the rooftop of a friend’s condo and they were terrific — but we had the convenience of not being amongst the crowds on the ground, so I can’t say what that experience is like.
  • The fireworks at Fairfax High School are fantastic — parking looked like a bit of an ordeal, we only lucked out that year b/c I had a handicapped hang tag due to my foot surgery a week earlier.  But it was a really great show and we will probably brave the parking/shuttle bus scenario in a year or so when we think JavaGirl is up to it.
  • Often local country clubs have their own fireworks shows and you can see them from outside the country clubs — and many of them do them on the third of July — check them out!

I would LOVE to have people comment about the shows they saw this year and their reviews so I could incorporate that into NEXT year’s summer fun guide!