Fun Giveaway: Spongebob Humidifier by Crane

spongebobhumidifierYou just gotta love a bargain… and FREE is a greatbargain. Thanks to my new sponsor,, I’m giving away THREE Spongebob cool-mist humidifiers by Crane.   And you have THREE chances to win the contest!

How to Enter

  • Join — Click the button in my sidebar and join using the invitation code Javamom — membership is free to this invitation-only site for terrific deals on baby gear, toys, and stuff for parents (see more details below, you’re gonna love it).
  • For an EXTRA chance to win, go to Twitter and retweet this giveaway – be sure to let me know you did it– @caffandaprayer
  • For an EXTRA chance to win, post a link on your blog to this giveaway — be sure to come back here and post a link!
  • Last chance to enter is midnight, eastern time (US) Sunday, June 28, 2009.
  • We can only ship to the US. 

Seriously, could I make it any easier?

About The Cool-Mist Humidifiers (information provided by manufacturer)

  • Made by Crane
  • Shaped like Spongebob
  • Child-safe cool-mist humidifiers
  • Runs quietly for over 11 hours, then shuts off automatically before it’s time to refill the one-gallon water tank

About is a shopping website started by two moms and a DAD who wanted to buy really cool stuff, but found shopping in boutique stores with small children a bit…. uh… well… just cue the theme song to Mission Impossible.  So they decided to bring the kinds of products you find in smaller stores and boutiques to a more convenient and kid-friendly space — your home. 

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 Thanks, for this fun giveaway!