The Last Place You Look…

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Last night we were frantically searching for my keys — we were heading for the same destination in one car, but I wanted my own set of keys with me.  Usually my keys are on one of the hallway tables as I often am loaded down with ten million kid-related bags when walking through the front door, so I sort of toss the keys as I walk in, so my hands are free to drop bags and wrestle kids into the appropriate places (bathroom, bedroom, whatever).  When I didn’t see them in the usual places, I asked JavaDad to help me expand the search, and he headed off to the kitchen to look.  We looked high and low — looked by my computer, looked in toy bins in case a certain 2.5-year-old had gotten ahold of them — we looked ALL OVER.

We never found them and I had sort of forgotten about it until this morning when I needed to take the kids to school and JavaDad and I once again began the frantic search.  We moved furniture, we searched coat and pants pockets, asked the children to help look, it was getting desperate.  Finally, I asked if JavaDad would just give me his set of keys to my car from his key ring and I headed over to the key ring hooks… the ones in the KITCHEN… to get our spare house key. 

Where my keys were.  Hanging up.  Like they should’ve been.

Yeah.  I thought JavaDad had checked there last night when he headed to the kitchen.  He said he never thought to check there.

As my mother says, you always find things the last place you look!  ; )

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