For the Listmaking Geek in All of Us

I have always been a listmaker. Those lists have then become legendary as I have created binders for different parts of our lives (our cross-country move, our house hunt, our wedding, and yes, even a binder for when we were having our baby — my husband had his own tab in the binder for what he was responsible for while we were in the hospital.)

So imagine my near-hyperventilation excitement when I was at BlogHer DC and there was a booth for a company called SpringPad, which allows you to create an not only digital notebooks and lists, but ones that you can embed in your blog or articles and share with people and that they can then take and customize for themselves!! It is only because I was trying to appear like a normal grown-up rather than a mommy who wasn’t allowed out around, you know, grown-ups in high heels who might not usually have drool and smeared applesauce on them frequently, that I didn’t squeal like a toddler right then and there. I mean I was actually carrying a purse and everything, so I was trying to “blend in.”

To my dismay, I have not had enough uninterrupted computer time to really play with this app yet, but I will and I will report back. But since I have promised that this blog will include some technology, I wanted to give you a chance to look at it in the meantime and maybe we can compare notes. If you get to it before I do, please post back here! In the non-mommy part of my daytime life I do some systems administration and web management work and am working on launching a new web site, so I may not get to this until January — but I decided I didn’t want to hold back on this post any longer! I’m just that geeky. I’m easily amused.

And yes, when I DO get to play with it, I promise that I will eventually SpringPad my baby notebook so that you can see what happens when a list-addicted Type A woman goes all hormonal and creates a pregnancy notebook. It even had a template for the email for him to send out once the baby was born, so he wouldn’t forget what kinds of details to include (having been frustrated one too many times by emails from friends’ husbands that read something along the lines of “The baby is here. It’s okay.” WHAT? When? How much did it weigh? What’s the gender? Is Susie okay? Is there hair? How long is the baby? The baby is a month early, WHAT HAPPENED?????) And how to pack when you are going to jam your entire family into an SUV (which seemed large when you were pregnant with your first child and trading in your beloved convertible for a “practical, family car” and you now realize you should’ve just gone for the minivan) for a 1,000+ mile driving trip to see family. And whatever other crazy lists of mine you’d like to see.

So, if you manage to get there before me — go check it out. It looks cool. I want to play with it like a kid wants to play with toys on Christmas Day. (And no, I have no ties with this company whatsoever — they don’t even know who I am… I was being all calm and “normal” remember?)